Dr. Richard Nahas Explains the Significance of Water in What You Eat


According to Dr. Richard Nahas, water is everywhere. From covering most of the planet’s surface to comprising most of your body weight. When people try to become healthy, they focus a lot on diet, calories and exercise. However, you also need to think about water consumption. Let’s check out the significance of water in what you eat.

The Details

  1. Water regulates body temperature – Staying hydrated is important for regulating your body temperature. Your body loses a lot of water when you do any form of physical activity in hot environments. That’s because your body creates sweat to create a cooling effect on the surface level and internally. However, along with sweat, your body also loses electrolytes and plasma when it loses water to the point of dehydration. That’s why you should keep replenishing the water to avoid dehydration.

  1. Water creates saliva – Saliva is 99 per cent water and 1 per cent mucus, enzymes, electrolytes, proteins and other things. Without water, your body won’t be able to create an adequate amount of saliva. Saliva is essential since it is the first step in digestion. It breaks down solid wood and also helps to control bacteria growth in your oral cavity. If you don’t get enough water, your mouth would start to dry out and create all sorts of problems.

  1. It flushes out waste and toxins – Your body is very efficient at flushing out toxins and water is the main medium for that. This is done through sweat, urination, and bowel movements. Your sweat regulates your body temperature, urination flushes out a lot of waste and a healthy bowel movement helps to clear out substances that can’t be digested by your body. Water plays a major role in all of them.

  1. Maximizes physical performance – Athletes may lose around 5 to 10 per cent of their body weight without proper hydration during intense physical activity. Without proper hydration, you won’t be able to run as quickly, lift as many weights or jump with as much power as you usually can. If you fail to remain hydrated during a basketball match under the sun, it can lead to serious conditions like hyperthermia or low blood pressure. In extreme cases, it can even lead to seizures and death.


  1. Water fights off diseases – Water is so important for life and for the human body since, without proper hydration, you’ll suffer from many illnesses. If you don’t get enough water from food and direct beverages, you’ll suffer from constipation. The risk of kidney stones, urinary tract infections and hypertension also increases dramatically when you’re constantly dehydrated.


Dr. Richard Nahas suggests that you pay a bit more attention to your daily water intake. While most of your daily water needs are met by consuming regular food, you need to replenish during exercise or other such strenuous activities. Water also helps to wash down toxins in your body after you consume a lot of alcohol.

Post Author: Frida Anders