Effective Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers

Persons who have suffered ulcers inside their mouth understand the level of uneasiness and distress it causes. We are unable to eat something and when we do food gets down through the mouth very painfully. The common causes of sores within the mouth are malnutrition and stress. Although there are numerous medicines offered in the marketplace that claim to cure or give respite temporarily from mouth sores. However, no one of these traditional solutions provides a last longing cure for the condition.

Easy house-based mouth sores remedy provides the finest outcomes. Let us now look at some of them which can heal mouth sores and also help in avoiding them altogether.

1.   Honey

It has several advantageous characteristics in it. The uncommon fact about it is that it can heal mouth sores very effectively. You just have to merely put it on the ulcers and let it rest. It might be possible that you may engulf some of the honey put on as it is inside the mouth but you keep using it again and again till you feel relief.

2.   Oil from Clove

It is one of the highly important elements of the mixed spices Floral buds yield this oil which is utilized in treating various conditions like mouth sores and discomfort in the teeth. For curing mouth sores, this oil is directly applied to the sore with the help of cotton. Clove consists of antimicrobic characteristics which help in fighting and curing oral problems. It is also highly successful in treating the discomfort caused by the sore.

3.   Oil From Coconut

It is widely used for various applications around the world. However, its medicinal features are known by very few individuals, especially for mouth sores. To give respite from mouth sores, this oil is directly applied to the sore’s surface. For the finest outcomes, it is advised that you should apply it during bedtime. Antimicrobic characteristics are also found in this oil which heals the ulcers easily.

4.   Garlic

Garlic is also a common item that can be found in any kitchen. Besides being a flavoring substance for many dishes, it can also be utilized to treat mouth ulcers. Garlic contains a compound called allicin which assists in fighting infections or ulcers. To use it for treating ulcers, a tiny slice should be directly made in contact with the spot where sores are for a couple of minutes till you feel relieved from the discomfort.


So these were some of the mouth sores remedies that can be done at home to cure ulcers. But there are some types of ulcers which need various medications and the cause for these sores is also different. Some of them can even cause bleeding within the mouth. After trying these remedies if you still do not feel better or relieved, then you should consult a medical expert immediately. You should go for both the types of treatment, home-based and expert suggested to yield the best result and get well quickly.

Post Author: Frida Anders