Essential Tips on How to Gain Success in Locum Tenens

It’s not surprising that locum tenens practitioners are increasingly becoming necessary in the healthcare sector. After all, with the physician shortage in the United States getting worse, those who work in locums can quickly fill in staffing gaps. Moreover, the medical providers also benefit from the lifestyle, as it gives them more opportunities to travel across the country, earn more money, reduce their administrative burdens, and give them more control over their schedules.

For these reasons, many medical practice providers prefer locum tenens companies over traditional careers. But to reap its benefits, there are things that you need to keep in mind. And the following tips should set you up for locum tenens success.

Remain flexible

While locum tenens work gives healthcare providers more control over their schedules, you must also try to be as adaptable and flexible as possible, especially if you’re just starting. As each assignment can bring you to different working environments, teammates, and patients, you’ll have to learn how to adjust to their personalities and cultures. Even if it’s just a short stint, you’ll still have to make yourself a part of the team. Your ability to adapt to different circumstances will benefit you a lot when working in locums.

Take the opportunity to network

Networking is an excellent skill for any professional to have, especially those working in the field of medicine. Engaging in locum tenens work is no exception. As you’ll have to work with new colleagues constantly, they can guide you in potentially lucrative directions. Whenever your network, try to be as approachable and friendly as you can. Regardless of the duration of your assignments, give yourself enough time to learn more about the people you’ll be working with because it’ll make it easier to get new assignments.

Dependability is key

As with any line of work, you need always to fulfill your responsibilities and be on time. You should always treat every assignment as if they were a permanent position. If any problems arise, give the right people notice as early as possible so they can find someone to fill in on your behalf. Never be afraid to ask your colleagues and supervisors for assistance if you need it. The more dependable and reliable you are, the greater the chances you’ll be called back or recommended for more work.

Regularly communicate with the recruiter

It’s a rule of thumb to communicate with the recruiter between and throughout assignments regularly. Respond promptly to calls and digital correspondences and fulfill requests for the necessary documentation. Let them know of any problems or changes in your preference. By keeping in close contact with the recruiter, they’ll be able to accommodate your needs better.


No one can deny how advantageous it can be to work in locums. And by being adaptable and dependable, learning to network, and communicating regularly with the staffing firm or recruiter, you’ll be able to maximize the benefits of locum tenens work.


Post Author: Frida Anders