How Does Alcohol Affect Your Skin? Long-Term And Short-Term Effects

Alcoholism can be disruptive to various bodily functions, from the liver to one’s sleep schedule can all be influenced by Alcohol. Alcohol addiction can be very invasive in the life of an individual. There are many long- and short-term impacts of alcoholism on the human body. Some of the ways it can change and impact the skin of an addict are as follows:

·      Red Palms

Alcohol has been associated with various instances of palms and soles of feet turning red. This has been known to happen due to a variety of reasons, most of which are either genetic, due to an underlying disease, or linked directly to alcohol consumption. One of the only means of dealing with this issue has been the removal of alcohol consumption from the lifestyle of the individual. This is a comparatively short-term effect of alcohol usage and its impact is not as great, but it can be an indicator for other issues to come.

·      Dark Circles

This can be traced to the impact of alcohol influencing the circadian rhythm of the consumer. Alcohol can make you sleepy, but in the long run, it is very disruptive to an individual’s ability to sleep well and is not helpful in restful sleep. The dark circles are a very short-term impact of alcoholism and can easily be dealt with a better sleep schedule.

·      Hives

These are skin bumps, usually redder in colour and can happen across the body. These are often indicative of an inability of the body to properly break down alcohol. Hives can last a few days at most, and can easily be treated with some home remedies and over-the-counter drugs. These are another kind of signification of alcohol affecting the skin of an individual in the short term.

·      Psoriasis

Dry dead skin concentrates in certain parts of the body, making it flaky and itchy which are the most common symptoms of psoriasis. This can be triggered usually by the extensive consumption of alcohol regularly and is very damaging to the skin as a whole. These patches are very itchy and can become a larger-scale issue that is hard to handle and is one of the more long-term effects of alcohol on skin.

Post Author: Frida Anders