How Invisalign is Reshaping Smiles Around the Globe

Having a perfect smile is essential for one’s presentation. Having perfectly aligned teeth is one of the ways to improve one’s smile and general appearance. In most cases, people struggle to speak or smile in public for fear of being judged based on their dental structure. In children, misaligned teeth could lead to stigmatization. When kids are questioned or laughed at by other kids for how their teeth are structured, it negatively affects their academic and social performance. Such instances could result in depression and feelings of unworthiness. Misaligned teeth could lead to other complications such as inefficient chewing and accidental biting of the tongue and internal parts of the mouth while eating. There are several methods of correcting teeth alignment; these include braces and Invisalign. The treatments depend on the complexity of the alignment and personal preferences. Invisalign for kids is one of the best ways to correct the dental structure for kids.

How Invisalign works

Invisalign treatment is a result of technological advancements in dental care. It involves using clear 3D printed molds to align the teeth in the desired position. With Invisalign treatment, a patient’s mouth is taken and transferred to a computer, where the treatment procedure is created. The treatment procedure depends on the complication being treated. Other than misalignment, Invisalign can be used to treat gapped teeth, crowded teeth, and mild overbite. The clear Invisalign molds are made from medical-grade plastic for the safety of the patients. The molds are designed to exert a little pressure on the misaligned teeth pushing them in position. The process is gradual and involves no pain for the patient. This treatment is usually effective over a long time; therefore, patients are monitored regularly for effective recovery. In most cases, Invisalign molds work between one to two weeks. Therefore, the patients have the molds replaced within this period.

Minimal force is applied on teeth while using Invisalign; this implies that it might take long before one sees significant changes. However, in most cases, it takes a maximum of 18 months before one sees complete results. Invisalign for kids works best and within a short time. Some patients get full results within six months from the start of treatment. Kids’ teeth are in continuous growth, hence the reason for fast recovery. As stated earlier, Invisalign can be used to correct various conditions. For this reason, the treatment could take longer based on how complex the condition being treated is.

Advantages of Invisalign treatment

As stated earlier, there are alternative treatment methods for dental misalignment. These include using traditional braces. However, Invisalign stands out from all the methods for various reasons. These include;

  • They are virtually invisible- Invisalign is made from clear medical-grade plastic. This keeps the patients’ teeth visible throughout the treatment period. As a result, one doesn’t feel uneasy in public while undergoing the treatment process. Traditional braces tend to attract attention, which in some cases makes patients uncomfortable.
  • They are easy to clean-Invisalign molds are easy to clean. With these molds, no food particles remain between teeth after eating. The plastic used has smooth surfaces, which prevents the attachment of food particles. Traditional braces are made of steel threads which in some cases react with food particles leading to reduced effectiveness.
  • There are no food restrictions-When undergoing dental realignment, most treatment methods require patients to avoid certain foods. There are many reasons why certain foods are avoided during treatment. It could be due to possible reactions between the food particles and the alignment devices. In some cases, hard foods are avoided as they can weaken the aligning devices involved.
  • They are comfortable-one of the main reasons for the popularity of Invisalign for kids is the comfort associated with it. Invisalign molds apply minimal pressure on teeth, making them comfortable while delivering the best results. The regular adjustment and replacement of molds throughout the treatment period guarantee comfort. At the beginning of treatment, several x-ray images are taken for the creation of a perfect mold. Perfectly fitting molds keep the gums safe while applying pressure on teeth. The mold surfaces are smoothened to prevent injuries to internal parts of the mouth.

There are several other reasons why people choose Invisalign treatment over other dental realignment methods. However, one is free to choose the method they desire since treatment is a lifestyle choice.

Considerations To Make When Choosing a Dentist for Invisalign Treatment

The increasing demand for Invisalign for kids has led to a subsequent rise in the number of practitioners in the field. The quality of treatment provided by dentists varies depending on a wide range of factors. Therefore, one should pay close attention to the following aspects when selecting a dentist for kids.

  • Dentists’ expertise- How skilled a dentist determines the quality of treatment a patient receives. There are various treatment methods that dentists specialize in. Therefore, one should find a dentist that specializes in Invisalign treatment. There are several ways to find a skilled dentist. However, the most popular and effective is recommendations. Recommendations could be from friends or internet platforms. However, one can get suggestions from print and digital media. Niche publications such as health magazines are a good source for dentists’ recommendations.
  • Availability of equipment-Invisalign involves the creation of mouth molds for patients. These molds need to be perfect for the patients’ comfort and effective recovery. Therefore, dentists should have the required equipment to create and fit the molds without affecting the patients’ safety and comfort. Such equipment includes x-ray photography and 3D printers for creating the molds. In cases where the dentist doesn’t own the equipment, they should have access to facilities that own them.
  • Cost of treatment-Dental corrections could be costly. Most skilled dentists charge higher prices due to the high demand for their services. You should select an affordable dentist to avoid negative implications on their financial status. To access quality dental care, one should have health insurance cover. This prevents financial constraints that arise due to dental complications.

People should visit the dentist regularly for proper health care. Visiting the dentist helps identify and treat dental problems at an early stage.

Post Author: Frida Anders