What Aptihealth Is Doing to Change Mental Health Care For Everyone in New York State

Have you ever had a moment when your mental health caused you to struggle? If so, you are not alone. Mental health services have become incredibly important over the past decade as stigmas have been erased instead of finding functional support for those in need. New York State residents have enjoyed access to mental health services provider Aptihealth, which seeks to offer all-acuity virtual therapy to those meeting minimum requirements.

With an accessible platform and convenient patient therapy integration, Aptihealth is setting up its patients to find success now, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Let’s explore Aptihealth’s mission statement and the different ways mental health services can benefit our lives, leading us to personal and professional growth.

Importance of Mental Health Services

Demand for mental health support has surged in recent years, spurned on in large part by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companioned by a reduction in social stigmas about mental health, more and more people are finally reaching out for the support and mental health services they require to live and feel better.

According to approximate reports, nearly 50 million adults in the United States are coping with challenges about mental health. Despite this vast number, half of all Americans think that their care options are limited, with nearly a third of these residents thinking this is normal.

There are many barriers to finding mental health support, and these barriers exist across all geographic and demographic lines.

  • Lack of Awareness – Most individuals lack awareness concerning the mental health services available to them. Most younger individuals are turning to social media on low-credibility platforms to find support. With more knowledge, patients find the care and support they need.
  • No Local Services – Rural residents and individuals from the low-income bracket are pushed back by a lack of convenient access to mental health support. Rural residents can end up driving over an hour to receive support. Both parties have to wait an average of 6 weeks before finding support. Aptihealth’s telehealth system hopes to underscore the ease of acquiring digital therapy.
  • Larger Social Stigmas – Social stigmas still surround pursuing mental health services. Nearly a third of individuals reported being worried about being judged for their decision to find mental health support. Social stigmas continue to get reduced as more and more patients identify the positive outcomes associated with their care.

According to reports by the CDC, only 37% of adults in America have used telemedicine over the past year. Despite these low numbers, reports suggest a growing number of individuals interested in this service delivery model. With the continued growth of mental health services and society’s increased importance on mental health, Aptihealth hopes to work as a conduit to healthier, happier lives.

Post Author: Frida Anders