CAR-T Therapy Shows Great Success in Treating Lymphoma

Since its FDA approval in 2017, CAR-T therapy has shown great promise in effectively treating challenging cancer types, like large B-cell lymphoma. Exciting new research backs up that initial assessment, as revealed at a recent meeting of the American Society of Hematology. The data comes from two biopharmaceutical companies – Kite Pharma and Bristol Myers […]

Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Reporting Requirements Site

Quality and proper care is a mandatory requirement in any nursing home. Hence, the Medicare and Medicaid services and benefit created the payroll-based journal in the Nursing facilities to regularly collect staffing information as per the PBJ Reporting requirements. This kind of act of recording and keeping data ensures accuracy and provides data audibility. The […]


PRP Therapy Toronto is now a popular choice when it comes to hair restoration procedures. This technology is not new but only recently has been used for hair restoration. The technology of PRP was usually used in other surgical applications and wound care, including healing adjunct to open-heart surgery. In the past few years, PRP has […]