How nurses can advance themselves and the healthcare industry

Nurses are some of the most dedicated professionals in the country, always looking for the best ways to help their patients and the clinical settings where they work. While nursing is a demanding profession, often by helping their patients, nurses also help themselves, enabling them to make the most of this fulfilling career path.

Staying healthy

Working in a healthcare setting, nurses are acutely aware of the importance of good health. With access to the latest knowledge and advice on diet, fitness, and other factors that can affect health, they are also ideally placed to know the best ways to keep themselves and their families healthy.

Nursing is often hard work with long hours, emotionally charged situations, and the need to think and act quickly. To meet the challenges of nursing, nurses need to be physically and mentally healthy so that their expert knowledge will stand them in good stead for their work.

Further education

New advances in nursing happen all the time. So, for nurses, there is always more to learn. Also, gaining further qualifications can help give a boost to a nursing career. The advanced knowledge that degrees and other courses bring make a nurse more valuable to their workplace, while the industry always requires qualified professionals at all levels. Nursing degrees are fascinating and challenging to study, with a successful result bringing an immense sense of achievement.

While nurses are aware of the benefits further qualifications can bring, many are reluctant to take on full-time study. They may feel they are letting down their colleagues if they are absent for an extended period of study, while financial commitments make leaving work impossible. Online degrees are the answer to gaining a nurse practitioner qualification while continuing to work. Wilkes University offers NP post graduate degrees with options including family nurse practitioner, adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner, and psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner. The courses are designed to be studied online at a convenient pace without the need to give up work.


As with all industries, nurses move on in their careers or reach retirement age, leaving vacancies to be filled. Well-qualified nurses with up-to-date knowledge are needed to fill those positions to maintain the highest possible standards of patient care. For the nurse, promotion means more pay, the satisfaction of greater responsibilities, and new challenges to meet.


While many nurses thrive on patient-facing roles, others take up the opportunities in research, enjoying the challenges of this area of nursing and the discoveries to be made. While this is a satisfying career path for many nurses, patients and the nursing industry as a whole benefit from this vital work as new treatments and practices lead to better patient outcomes. These new discoveries can continue to help other nurses and their patients for many years to come.

Nurses contribute a vast amount to the health of society, making it highly satisfying that they too can benefit from all they do.

Post Author: Frida Anders