Is Pico Laser Effective for Skin Whitening?

Most of us base our initial impressions on the appearance and health of our skin, so it’s normal if you’re dissatisfied with how your skin appears. But just because you’re dissatisfied with how the skin looks currently doesn’t mean there was no future in sight. Are you familiar with the Pico laser skin whitening therapy? Let’s get started.

What’s Pico Laser Therapy?

Pico lasers is an equipment utilized in the aesthetic dermatology industry to modify any skin problem via non-surgical laser skin therapy sessions. The Pico laser therapy, as it is often called, guarantees that traditional effects and adverse reactions of skin therapy don’t occur as you age.

With this cutting-edge tool, tattoos, stretch marks, melisma pigmentation removal, acne scars, birthmarks, freckles, wrinkle-smoothing, sun damage, and other skin issues can all be eradicated rapidly. Pico laser therapy, unlike other laser skin therapy, may be utilized on the whole body and on all types of skin.

How Effective is Pico Laser?

Pico Laser is effective in its job. Different from other typical laser acne scar removal treatments, which make your fragile skin vulnerable to elevated heat on a constant basis, this lens alters the strong laser power into a mild pressure. Because of the pressurization process, the energy condenses the new skin cells, prompting them to synthesize new elastin and collagen without discomfort. This approach won’t cause skin damage or heating, and there will be minimal to zero downtime after. All you’ll see is that the skin is smoother and more vibrant.

The treatment’s outcomes will gradually become more obvious as the body’s own healing process kicks in. Most clients see differences within the initial 2-3 weeks after their first session. Your results will increase until your final session or you’ll achieve the required goal.

How long is One Session of Pico laser?

The outcomes of the 1st session will linger for a long period. Pico laser skin whitening therapies will help the majority of patients for at least 6 months before effects begin fading.

For certain concerns, like scarring and tattoo removal, the outcomes of this treatment are permanent. This is provided by the precise method used to handle these issues, and the Pico laser technology completely deteriorating pigmented lesions, tattoo pigment, and scars.

Tattoo and scar removal won’t return to the past state after treatment, as compared to skin flaws caused by aging, which return with time as the therapy’s benefits fade. This method may also be utilized to permanently erase pigment disorders like pigmented scar tissue.

The periodicity of your treatment is based on the length of the results. For instance, if you acquire this therapy for wrinkles and fine lines you need to plan a maintenance session every four to six months to maintain the outcomes.

Three Important Facts to Know About Pico Laser Therapy

Consultation and planning. Most clients who are unsure about starting laser therapy want to understand what to anticipate from the start to the finish of the Pico Laser therapy procedure. Your treatment strategy will include the following components:

Before any laser therapy visits, you will be asked to have a discussion so that we may discuss your care plan, treatment objectives, and proper objectives for this process. We’ll need to examine your skin, particularly the areas you’re worried about. We may request more details about you, including your desired skincare regimen and any past cosmetic procedures.

They also ask you to prepare for the treatment in advance, like arranging it at least 2 weeks prior to or following other kinds of treatments, like numbing cream, chemical peels, or other laser therapy. To prepare for treatment, you’ll need to follow advice such as not taking retinoid for two to four days before the session and avoiding tanning beds and direct sunlight exposure.

Appointment For Treatment And Recovery

Many patients are surprised to learn that Pico laser treatment visits last just 15 to 30 minutes. Pico laser therapy is a quick five-minute appointment that may be arranged for a couple of hours of the day, enabling you to continue your daily activities immediately.

Post Author: Frida Anders