Lash Extensions Makeup Trends in 2021

Mostly, your overall makeup looks right when completed with a pair of good looking and comfortable eyelashes. The right pair of eyelashes will give you a confident and beautiful look. Whether attending a dinner party or a big date, there is always the ideal eyelashes for every occasion.

The eyelash industry has been continuously flourishing with new styles and brands. In 2021, eyelash extensions have been among the best makeup trends. This article will discuss the hottest eyelash extensions trends and styles in 2021.

Natural-looking False Lashes

Natural makeup is primarily ideal for people who like a subtler look. This also applies when fixing eyelashes since natural lashes are becoming a big thing too.

When fixing the natural lashes, their length is considered to give a more natural look. Lashes made of silk, mink, or synthetic will provide you with the natural look you desire.

Glitter Lashes

A glittering makeup is incredible for bling and shiny look. You can use glitter mascara to achieve a glitter eyelash look. Similarly, you can decide to add false glittering eyelash extensions on the top or bottom lashes.

Before applying a glittering glow, you may consider using a normal mascara as the base to maximize the glittering effect. It would help if you were extremely careful with this trend since it can harm your eyes.

3D Eyelashes

Applying 3D eyelashes means having three lash extensions on your natural lash. 3D lashes are always thicker, less costly, and faster to use than normal lashes.

3D lashes are considered the future of eyelash extensions. A handmade 3D faux mink lash from JJ Eyelashes will give you a natural-looking look that lasts for months with less maintenance.

Hybrid Lashes

The lashes provide thick lashes than classic lashes. Despite not being a complete lash set, hybrid lashes apply a nice texture to the lash line.

This trend can be achieved by combining long classic lashes with short volume lashes. This is ideally perfect for users unable to choose between volume and classic lashes.

Rainbow Eyelashes

This trend has been the best in 2021. It has become more famous and exciting, and many women are attempting it.

You can use dyed lashes or apply coloured mascara to enhance your looks using rainbow lashes. Similarly, applying rainbow false lash extensions is an excellent way of getting rainbow lashes.

Types of Eyelashes

Sable eyelashes; These thin lashes are made from Sable’s fur. They are ideal for users who dislike thick eyelashes.

Synthetic eyelashes; These lashes give a bold and glamorous look without using real fur. The lashes do not require any application for mascara or other touch-ups.

Mink eyelashes;They are made of natural hair, and they enhance a more natural look. The lashes are usually thin, and they last longer.

Silk eyelashes; This combination of mink and synthetic eyelashes provide a darker and glossier lash line appearance. Silk lashes are used by those who dislike using real fur.

Faux Mink eyelashes; These synthetic lashes are similar to mink eyelashes. They are ideal for achieving natural looks at low costs. They do not lose their curl effect much quickly.


There you have it! The above eyelash extension trends are worth trying based on your look requirements. Also, you can customize the various trends with unique styles. With these tempting trends, it is always advisable to consider the safety of your eyes first.

Post Author: Frida Anders