What are the Best Dark Eye Circles Removal Treatments in Cheap Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore?

Dark eye circles are quite prevalent among Asians. It refers to skin darkening around the eyes, which causes us to look tired and older than we are. Many attribute the reason to an inadequate amount of sleep. Nevertheless, more than one cause exists. It is usually caused by a combination of causes.

Other Causes Why Dark Eye Circles: 

  1. Sunlight Exposure

Melanin is produced when you are directly exposed to the sun. Melanin is a pigment that changes the skin’s color and tone directly (it is why we tan. Because of genetics, Asians are prone to pigmentation issues surrounding the eyes, leading to dark eye circles.

  1. Aging

Aging skin causes a decrease in the quantity of elastin and collagen in the skin, making it lose firmness and look dull. Once this occurs around the eyes, the reduction of volume and fat causes the region to seem sunken and hollow. The already thin skin would begin to reveal the blood vessels beneath, giving the eyes a dark and hollow appearance, leading to dark eye circles.

  1. Tiredness 

Once we sleep, the bodies renew and heal any damages done throughout the day. When we do not get sufficient sleep, blood circulation to our skin suffers, leading to low oxygen supply to the skin, causing it to seem weary, darkened, and dull.

Treatment For Dark Eye Circles In Singapore

Sunken eyes and dark under-eye circles treatment have been more popular in recent years since the eyes are the most visible feature of the face. The efficacy of the dark circle removal procedures in cheap aesthetic clinics in Singapore is clearly obvious in the look of younger, fresher eyes. They also need less recovery and downtime.

Lasers Are Used To Thicken The Thin Skin 

Lasers may be used to encourage collagen development in the skin surrounding the eyes. A thicker skin conceals the underlying tissues while also concealing any projecting eye bags.

Eye Bag Removal With Dermal Filler

Utilizing hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to smooth and plump out any groves and hollowness is a simple and popular way to cover eye bags and enhance dark circles.

Fillers placed beneath the eyes assist to stretch out and hydrate the skin softly, reducing wrinkles. By filling up the hollow regions surrounding the eyes, the plumping effect significantly minimizes dark circles or dark shadows.

The results of the filler would last between 9 months to one year.

Thread Lift

Eyebag or under-eye threads are another widely known minimally invasive eye bag removal procedure in cheap aesthetic clinics in Singapore. This treatment is painless since it is performed under local anesthetic. It entails the application of fine absorbable threads to the under-eye region. The threads offer a “filling” effect, which reduces the look of dark eye circles and sunken eyes. It also increases collagen formation in the eyebag region, resulting in skin tightening on your eye bags and lower eyelids. The eyelids’ skin is “whitening,” which reduces dark eye circles.

Agnes Skin Tightening

If you have loose skin in your eyelid with wrinkles aside from sunken eyes, Agnes skin tightening may be the therapy for you. The Agnes RF procedure tightens the skin surrounding your eyes, making sunken eyes less visible. Furthermore, wrinkles around the eyes were clearly minimized.

Agnes is a one-of-a-kind microneedle rf device that uses precision treatment tips to deliver rf energy waves at specific depths. This promotes skin collagen production and remodeling. As a consequence, loose, drooping skin tightens dramatically. Because the rf was supplied in a highly regulated, safe way, the therapy aids in the removal of extra fat without the danger of the heat spreading to the tissues surrounding it and causing injury. Agnes skin tightening provides noticeable benefits with every session.

Post Author: Frida Anders